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Motoboy Delivery Services (Motoboy), the UAE’s first and only RTA-approved sustainable electric bike logistics solutions provider, has launched its innovative services across Dubai. A homegrown on-demand express delivery solutions provider; Motoboy offers agile, economical and eco-friendly deliveries with a no-minimum distance required, for organizations, individuals and restaurants.

Launched with an innovative business model that is employee-centric, the industry disruptor is the first of its kind in the UAE to employ its staff of delivery riders, providing them with a fixed income, visa and medical insurance, with the option of permanent and part-time employment.

There are Many active deliverers per day on our platform! So, you can rest assured that there will always be a close proximity to your collection point. And you still stay on top of everything that happens in the order as you know exactly who is making the delivery, follow everything in real time and all protocols are digital and are saved in your account.

With solutions for companies, restaurants or e-commerce, Motoboy is the ideal partner for express deliveries with agility, quality and confidence. Shall we make a delivery? Download Motoboy Application and place your order!

Arrives in 18 min

We send an email or SMS to your customer to track the order status online.

With Motoboy, your customer knows exactly when the order will arrive...

We send an email or SMS to your customer to track the order status online.

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