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Sustainability Middle East Award

Sustainability Middle East (SME) is delighted to be hosting a new awards ceremony The SME Awards highlighting the very best of sustainability and climate action in the Middle East.

The awards ceremony, which is to be held in Dubai, UAE, will welcome VVIP’s, dignitaries, business leaders and leading academics to enjoy an evening of recognition for the world-changing work that’s being done in the region.

The SME Awards will cover a variety of sectors, including:

• Agriculture
• Construction & Infrastructure
• Energy
• Transport & Logistics
• & Special Recognition Awards

The SME Awards will cap off SME’s launch into the industry, following its inaugural magazine, ‘50 Leaders in Sustainability’ and the Sustainability Middle East Experts Conference, which will see figures from the 50 leaders attend and take part in debates as regional and global experts.

The SME Awards promises to be the ‘Oscars of Sustainability’ in the Middle East.


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