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Payment Methods

  • Customer can choose between different payment methods provided on the platforms, which are currently the following: Paypal , local debit cards, (currently in UAE), Visa Checkout and credit cards.
  • MOTOBOY LLC reserves the right to provide other payment methods or to no longer offer certain payment methods.
  • Customer bindingly chooses the payment method when placing the respective order, provided that the customer chooses an online payment method, the payment will be processed by an external online payment provider cooperating with MOTOBOY LLC.
  • Card data will be stored for future orders by the external online payment providers, on the condition that the customer has given consent to the storage and future usage.
  • Customer is obliged to ensure sufficient cover of the respective account or, when using credit card, to use the credit card only within the card transaction limit. Customer has to refrain from causing unauthorized debit charge backs.

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